Saturday, June 18, 2011

Homemade Spring Rolls

My mom visited a number of weeks ago, and left these in my fridge:

My initial thought was, "Cool, but what am I supposed to do with these?" I opened the package to find brittle rice paper circles that shattered when I tried to bend them. 

I miss spring rolls a lot, and they usually aren't safe (aka gf) at Asian restaurants. Determined to make use of my mom's gift, I began to research.

I Googled some recipe ideas and figured out how to use them (Wet both sides with a soggy tea towel? Really? I definitely wouldn't have come up with that one on my own...), and woke up early on my day off to give them a try.

Since I am, as has been well-documented here, a generally lazy cook, I decided to see what fillings I already had at the house. After all, I was still in my pajamas and wanted to remain so.

I came up with eggs, carrots, cucumbers, Tinkyada brown rice noodles (not pictured) and Thai peanut sauce. Would that be enough?


I thinly chopped both the carrots (1/2 pound) and the cucumbers (2 large), boiled the pasta (1 bag) until soft, and mixed the whole lot together with half a bottle of San-J's Thai Peanut Sauce and four eggs.

Then I wet the spring roll wrappers one by one, and got to work.

It took awhile to get the hang of how to wrap them. The ones on the top were early attempts, while the one on the bottom left happened after I had learned how to wrap and roll. It was kind of like rolling a burrito, only the rice paper would stick together if you pressed it.

After wrapping and rolling I was ready for the frying oil! You can make cold spring rolls, but then you have to leave out the egg. Plus, how often do I get to fry things in my kitchen? Not often enough!

The rolls fried two or three or four at a time, and soon they were golden brown and delicious.

My husband soon drifted down from his upstairs home office with a smile.

"What are you MAKING?" he asked.

They were a huge hit, and we'll definitely make them again.

The Lazy Cook's Spring Rolls

1 package rice spring roll wrappers (these can be found at most Asian markets and upscale grocery stores)
1 bag baby carrots
2 large cucumbers
4 eggs
1 bag gf brown rice spaghetti
1/2 bottle Thai peanut sauce
oil for frying

1. Shred carrots and cucumbers into thin strips.
2. While working on veggies, cook pasta according to package directions.
3. Pour drained pasta and veggies into a bowl. Add eggs and Thai peanut sauce. Mix well, until eggs are incorporated.
4. Take a wet tea towel and wet each side of one spring roll wrapper on a cookie sheet. Wait 30 seconds, and the wrapper will soften. When soft, add a small pile of the veggie-pasta-egg mixture into the center of the wrapper. Fold in sides and roll wrapper into a tiny burrito-like cylinder. Set aside. Repeat until all wrappers or all veggie-pasta-egg mixture is gone.
5. Heat up oil on the stove in a deep skillet. The oil should be around an inch deep.
6. When oil is hot (not smoking, but hot enough that there's a little sizzle - approximately 375 degrees), add in 2-4 spring rolls. When they are floating well and you can see the beginning of browning on the sides, flip them over with a slotted spoon.
7. Remove finished spring rolls and place them on a stack of paper towels to drain the oil. Repeat, until all are cooked.
8. Eat them. Invite your friends. Impress them with your amazing spring roll cooking abilities!


  1. I just bought these last week! It's going to sound silly...but I didn't realize I could fry them! Yep. Going to be doing that for sure!

  2. Look at you becoming a creative cook! Looks so delicious!

  3. Congrats on trying something new! We have used the rice wrappers before they made GF lasagne noodles… I use a pie plate with a bit of water, pull the wrapper through once, if I didn't get both sides wet, flip over & repeat. Then I put them on a smooth weave tea towel, (the waffle ones are, uh, challenging), or a sheet of waxed paper while I work (cheaper than parchment). If you are ever in #YEG, I can recommend purchasing them frozen from Emperor Food 780-905-8268 a commercial kitchen in the back of a house… but super cheap for us super lazy… ;-)


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